School Visiting

On 08-09 September 2022, the representatives of BSC Management Seafarer Recruitment Co., Ltd. visits to educational institutions that support seafarer’s resources, such as Tinsulanonda Fisheries College, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya and Nakhon Si Thammarat Seaboard Industrial College, with the objective of publicizing the company for students to know and learn about the company which has well received.

Our company sincerely hope that they will keep receiving such huge support from all institutions.


Welcome to “AWB.TWO AARYAN”, the company’s newest vessel, which is an Accommodation Work Barge. Our company has already started sending the first group of crews to work on the vessel. However, we are still looking for additional crews for this vessel. Anyone interested in working on an Accommodation Work Barge should contact the company and apply. Anytime.

We are always waiting for you to join with us.

Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities, BSC Management Seafarer Recruitment Co., Ltd

Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities, BSC Management Seafarer Recruitment Co., Ltd. has the chance to participate in CSR activities such as released fish, released turtles to their natural habitats at Had Yao Festival and Water Sports” in Krabi.

BSC Management Seafarer Recruitment Co., Ltd had the opportunity to visit social security officers. On behalf of the Prima Marine Group to bring food and beverages to the staff during the Covid 19 pandemic.

In house training and Annual Crew Conference

Prima Marine Group has the intention in potential development for our crews to be skilled and knowledgeable in working on ships for safer and more effective work. The In house training has held monthly for our crews with highly competent lecturers.

Scholarship Program

Is BSC project whose objective is to build enough crew members and grow with good sustainable practices which the aim is to promote and provide training scholarships to be open for the youth, and other interested qualified third parties to join as Mariners. As of now, our first group of younger students who are part of this program have completed the course and already been onboard acquiring enough sea time so they can then be ready to be train on the larger ships that will give them financial stability for their family.

Cadet Program

Our company objective is focusing on is building a competent and qualified Officers by providing opportunity to Cadet by way of Cadet Program. This Program is designed to develop in such way that the cadets learn the basic of becoming a competent Mariners.

The program includes keeping a partnership with many Maritime Universities, colleges in Thailand and offering opportunity to their most proficient students.

During the Screening process the Cadets undergo many steps, of which they will undergo written exams, series of interviews with marine technical Dept, Psychometric test as required by our ship management. Those cadets who passed after the thorough screening will spend their cadetship with us and be onboard our manned vessels till, they manage to acquire their Certificate of Competency Officers license.

Upon the Selection of the cadets, BSC will fly them overseas to attend their onboard training ships for 3 months, where they are trained, given series of exams and must maintain average academic standing and performance though out the training period. Once they have succeeded to passed the 3 months Training period and they ready to take life at sea, BSC then sends them for 9 months contract tenure completing their cadetship for 1 year, during their tenure the cadets are assigned to work with different department with the aim of not only to develop their skills but also enhance their characters working with mix nationalities, sense of duty and professionalism…